Data Science with R Workshop

RNepal and Kathfest collaborated to organize the 3 days “Data Science with R” workshop. This workshop was held in Kathford Engineering College on occasion of the Kathfest 2019.


There were 15 participants from the kathford college studying bachelor in computer engineering. I talked about data Science, steps and skills needed to do data science.

Day 1

In day 1 I talked about the What is Data Science, How to do Data Science. I taught participants about R language, extract Data in R environment. Participants learned about the data cleaning process, data manipulation with tidyr, dplyr package.

Day 2

In day 2 I talked about the data visualization with ggplot2 and base R. Participants also learned about report creation using RMarkdown and dashboard/application creation with flexdashboard to show the insights.

Day 3

In day 3 I talked about machine learning and how to perform the machine learning in R. I also showed machine learning application made with shiny and R. Binod Jung Bogati talked about the use of git and GitHub in data science and programming.


By the end of workshop participants were able to extract or gain data, clean, manipulate, analyze, visualize and report all using R.

Diwash Shrestha
Diwash Shrestha
Data Scientist

Data Scientist and Educator