Road Quality Detector

This project utilize a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) model to identify road quality in images. It offers a user interface based on Streamlit that enables image uploading and visualizing the predicted road quality.

Witcher 3 API

Rest API for the Witcher 3 🕹Game Created by CDProjekt Red . This API catalogs the character, armors, beasts, weapons in the Witcher 3 Wild Hunt game.

Bake Shop

BakeShop is Online store for Bakery Products. In BakeShop, customer can select a different type of bakery products to your cart like cake, doughnuts, pie etc. Customer need to register/login to checkout from the store.


Readabli is a text readability tool. User can give input to the application and it provides readability score, grade and age required to understand the given text.

Virtual Piano

This is virtual piano where user can use the keyboards key to play the music.


This project is created to showcase the collection of Nepali children’s stories. This project was aimed to help children learn through stories written in their mother tongue, especially when they are unable to go to school due to the Corona epidemic.

SDG Report 2019

This is a interactive visualization of the SDG 2019 report. It shows the levels at which the country are on 17 different Sustainable Goals.

Nepal Provincial Dashboard

This Dashboard shows the population distribution of Nepal in provincial map.

Nepal Tourism Dashboard

Nepal Tourism Dashboard was created as a solution which can help governmental bodies in planning and decision-making around the tourism sector on the Solveathon 2019.

Credit Card Fraud Detection System

A Dashboard which classifiy the transactions as fraud and genuine and lists out the alerts which helps the investigator to find fraud.