Local Hack Day 2018

I organized MLH Local Hackday DataHackthon in ACHS College on Dec 1st,2018. MLH Local Hackday Hackathon is 12 hours global event which is held on December 1 every year around the world.

Solveathon 2019

Introduction Closing ceremony of #solveathon2019 is happening now. Open data expo is happening. We @datasansar team are showcasing NepalTourism Dashboard Project made with #rstats.#hackathon #VisitNepal2020 #Nepal #Kathmandu pic.twitter.com/LrD2wIJDBn — Diwash Shrestha 🇳🇵 👨🏽‍💻 (@diwastha) December 15, 2019 We from DataSansar Team attended the Solveathon 2019 for solving social problems with data driven solutions.