Local Hack Day 2018

I organized MLH Local Hackday DataHackthon in ACHS College on Dec 1st,2018. MLH Local Hackday Hackathon is 12 hours global event which is held on December 1 every year around the world.

Organized Global Azure Bootcamp 2019

DataSansar also organized Global Azure Bootcamp 2019 at ACHS College.Global Azure Bootcamp is global event for learning about Microsoft Azure and Cloud Computing which is organized in multiple locations globally and anually.

Organized Student Dev Hack

DataSansar Organized Student Dev Hack on Dec 7 2019. It was a hackathon for students who want to learn by working on real projects. The hackathon was organized in ACHS College Hall.


Introduction R Nepal organized Tidyweek - Data Analysis with R Bootcamp. The Bootcamp was organized in ACHS college between Sep 20th-23rd, 2019. There were 25 participants from various backgrounds (health, business, agriculture, academia).