R Nepal organized Tidyweek - Data Analysis with R Bootcamp. The Bootcamp was organized in ACHS college between Sep 20th-23rd, 2019.

There were 25 participants from various backgrounds (health, business, agriculture, academia). I and Binod Jung Bogati were the educator for the event.

Day 1

Binod spoke about the data analysis and process of data analysis. After that he taught the basic R and Rstudio.

Day 2

Binod ran the Data import session where he taught participants to import different form of data in R. I ran Data Transformation session where I taught to transform data into different form and process into it.

Day 3

In third day of bootcamp, I taught participants about the data visualization using ggplot2 package. In this session participants learned to make different form of graphs for different type of data. After that, I ran statistic session where i taught about statistics using R. Participants got knowledge to do descriptive and inferential statistics using R language.

Day 4

In last day of bootcamp, Binod ran session about the communication and report generation . He created beuatifull reports using Rmarkdown, visualization and insights from previous session. He also spoke about the dashboard creation with flexdashboard and shiny.


By the end of bootcamp participants were able to perform Import data , Transform data, Statistics, Visualization, Report creation with R.

Diwash Shrestha
Diwash Shrestha
Data Scientist

Data Scientist and Educator